Completing the application couldn’t be simpler, it only takes a few minutes. With no impact on your credit score we search the market for the best deal available to you. Once approved in principle, you start the search for your new vehicle. We do all the checks on your behalf to make sure both vehicle and dealer meet our quality standards and then sign up and drive away! You are in control and we support you all the way, keeping things simple and easy to understand!

We are Northern Ireland’s leading vehicle finance broker with 25 years working in the finance industry, making things simple and working for you, the customer, to get the best deal possible for your next vehicle purchase.

Regardless of your personal credit history and circumstances we treat every customer as we would like to be treated ourselves, providing an end to end service. We have access to over 15 lenders and 50 tiered products ensuring we will get you the best available deal to finance your next vehicle. So whether you have perfect credit or a few hiccups along the way we work on your behalf to get things sorted!

It’s simple and easy! We take all the complexity and fuss out of the process allowing you to focus on what’s important – securing your next wheels!

Typically we can provide a decision in less than 60 minutes, sometimes within seconds. This is the easy part allowing you then to focus on securing your purchase!

No we don’t, the service is free of charge to you the customer. We facilitate the process for you and only receive a small commission from the lender that approves your loan if you sign up and drive away!

Getting credit can be a frustrating process! Most dealers and online lenders only have access to one or limited credit products so don’t worry, we at Car Finance Northern Ireland have a panel of over 15 lenders and 50 tiered credit offers to get you an approval. We work on your behalf to get you the best deal possible regardless of your circumstances and credit record without the need to make multiple applications.

If you are a UK resident, over 18 yrs of age, employed, self employed, retired with a stable income or on benefits we can help.

Most lenders don’t require a deposit but you are free to put down as much or as little as you like to keep it affordable for you, that’s the most important!

Once you have been approved for finance in principle you can start the search for your next vehicle, whether it’s a car, van, motorbike or caravan from a reputable, FCA regulated dealer.

Dealers come in all shapes and sizes, but what’s important is that they are FCA Regulated, they have a forecourt with clear signage and good quality stock. Google or other third party reviews must be positive, which shows they look after you, the customer! It’s important as a customer you are looked after not just when you hand over your money but also should something unexpected go wrong!

All these play a part in selecting the right vehicle for you and we at Car Finance Northern Ireland can assist you with this part of the journey!

Credit ratings or scores as they are known are impacted by many factors and customers often don’t understand the impact of very small changes that can affect whether you are approved or declined for finance, regardless of whether it’s a Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, Personal Loan, phone contract or store account.

Some things to consider are:

  • Have you moved address recently and are you on the voters roll?
  • Do you have a credit record at this or your previous address as this is important?
  • Is your employment stable or have you recently moved jobs or even moved around a lot in the last few years?
  • Are you self employed and is your income regular?
  • What is your income? Here we don’t just mean what you earn per annum, but your disposable income, FCA guidelines ensure lenders act responsibly and to do so they must complete checks on your affordability. In practice what this means is after all your day to day living costs and commitments do you still have significant headroom to repay the loan you are asking for. Every lender looks at this in a similar way and often customers can be declined based on affordability as they are currently over committed in the eyes of the lender offering the loan.
  • Factors such as age also are a consideration as younger borrowers are seen as higher risk by lenders, especially those with little or no track record of borrowing.
  • What is the value of the loan you are looking for? Sometimes you are not a bad credit risk however the amount you are looking to borrow is too high and affordability is questioned by the lender. Often customers get a maximum they can borrow which allows them to establish themselves as capable of repayment where potentially in the future they may be offered higher amounts.
  • How much credit have you taken out recently? Often this can be a sign a lender looks at to prevent you getting into to unmanageable debt levels. Have you made all your payments, on time with no missed months?
  • Do you have any defaults, judgements or even a previous vehicle repossessed? This will impact both whether you can get credit but also the rate you are offered as the higher the risk you are perceived to be by the lender the higher the rate.

ll these and various other factors have a role to play in whether you get finance, an amount lower than you expected as well as the rate you are offered.

At Car Finance Northern Ireland we have access to over 15 lenders and 50 tiered credit products with rates from 5.9% – 49.9% APR so getting you the best possible deal is what we do. Regardless of your credit score, credit history being excellent or poor we work on your behalf to secure the best deal that’s affordable to you based on your own circumstances.

These days lenders are required to make significant checks to ensure loans are affordable for customers so simply having a previous history does not guarantee you will get the loan amount you require. Every lender uses their own checks to determine affordability and so will set the amount you can borrow based on your current income and expenditure commitments ensuring you are not put into a position where you cannot keep up repayments of the loan. So in short every customer is assessed based on their own circumstances so the amount you borrow is affordable to you!

We work with a large panel of lenders offering loans from 5.9% – 49.9% APR to customers (employed, self-employed, retired and on benefits with good and bad credit) and documents they need can vary depending on the lender’s requirements. In most cases we need proof of driving licence, address and income and can discuss these once you are approved in principle for a loan.

Car Finance Northern Ireland will conduct an initial soft search which will not leave a footprint on your credit profile. Lenders whom we submit your application to, may conduct a hard search which will leave a footprint on your profile, even if you do not take out a credit agreement with one of our lenders.

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